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Teachings from the metaphysical text “A Course In Miracles”


Getting Out Of The Way

So, I haven’t blogged in a long time, but recently felt a really strong pull to share with all of you reading this right now!  As a student of A Course Miracles, the course has brought so much peace and joy.  A constant practice of mind training, and having the courage to fully embrace  and look at all of the things that come up that do not feel comfortable or peaceful.  These are forgiveness opportunities.  No matter how icky and gross they may feel in the moment (and boy they can feel disgusting).   Underneath that discomfort, is a deep sense of gratitude at being able to see in a new way.  To exchange a seeming grievance for peace, to make the transition from fear to love.
There is always deep peace beyond any fear, because as the course says, “Only Love Is Real”.  “Nothing real (eternal) can be threatened, nothing unreal (temporary) exists.”   Recently, while filming a video for the upcoming  Miracle Share Virtual Conference. there was opportunity to revisit many false beliefs  that no longer serve.  Filming video of “me” “the projected self” was completely new, having never attempted  a video before – ever.  At the time I felt I just couldn’t get it right, couldn’t position myself correctly to look natural and straight on into the camera lens.
Prior to choosing the path of “A Course In Miracles” I didn’t have photos of “me” out in the open or on social media.  Have come to love and appreciate photos in a new way which is why filming this video felt like a kick to the stomach.   The discomfort stemming from knowing that the projected image in the camera in truth is NOT me.  But fear and worry behind the concept that what the body’s eyes see and what I was making that concept mean WITHOUT love was the issue.  In my mind, I used the symbol of the body  as a means of attack rather than a means communicating love.  There was that loud vicious voice in the mind again –  
“You aren’t beautiful, you are ugly. ”  “All anyone is going to see when they watch this is the label you hate, the label that makes you ugly and separate, unworthy and un-lovable, “disabled person.” The voice was so loud, so vicious  and so unbearable, there was a moment where it felt like all power was being sucked to it.  Shrinking did feel more inviting then.  If no one ever saw the video, there would be safety in that, wouldn’t there??
Choose again.
Thank god A Course In Miracles teaches to run toward whatever feels uncomfortable and yucky as an opportunity for forgiveness, to see in a new way when that discomfort is transmuted with true vision being peace and love.  The practice of running authentically toward whatever feels scary has been truly invaluable. We are spirit, we are love itself.  We are not guilt ridden beliefs that may arise about the projected image of the body.  “Not for one moment does the body exist at all.”
 The body is outside you, and but SEEMS to surround you, shutting you off from others, and keeping you apart from them. It is not there.There IS no barrier between God and His Son, nor can His Son be separated from himself except in illusions. This is not his reality, though he believes it is.”  A Course In Miracles Ch 18 The Dream & Reality pg 438.
Processing the experience meant being willing to look at my discomfort, feel it and become still and quiet enough to look at it differently.  All the while acutely aware there was a part of the mind that did NOT want to be here looking at this.  Instead wanted to stay in the place of loathing and judging the  projection of the concept of the body.  Once quiet and sill the truth unmistakable.
Get out of your own way, strong and beautiful,one you are already the international speaker and beacon of light you think you are still becoming. No one sees your perceived flaws but your misperceiving mind. Put it all aside.Be bold, be vulnerable, be seen. Move forward in gentleness, accept your True Beauty.  You are Light.  SHINE.” 
Instant Peace.  Often we let things stand in our way, and the only thing that keeps us stuck is the meaning we don’t know we’ve given.  Peace and love is all we truly want.  Nothing is worth the absence of it, and we get out of our own way allowing the voice of Spirit to transmute and replace anything that isn’t the truth.  All that is left is love, and love is all there is to communicate.






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Why Energy Shielding Can Be Helpful For Sensitive People

Energy shielding is a metaphysical technique used to support highly sensitive people who can easily absorb the energies around them unknowingly or can have trouble distinguishing between their own thoughts and feelings and people around them.

Now, don’t misunderstand, in spiritual truth we are all one extension of Love that expresses itself in a myriad of different ways.  We are the same essence of Light & Love that emanates from One source.  Whether you call that source, “Love,” “God,” “The Universe” it is all the same source of Love.  While we are here in Three dimensional form  experiencing life in the body, we get to experience free will and what its  like to be the creators of our reality.

We are made up of vibrational energy, and based on the beliefs we hold in our mind, and the experiences we create.  While the mind still holds beliefs in separation, we can believe we are not always a  vibrational match to the choices that “seem” to come from other bodies around us.  We are one with everything, which means we match everything in our experience unconsciously.   Energy shielding can help us remain balanced and entered in Love rather than in reaction mode to what might seem to be coming from outside of you. Ultimately, there are no separate bodies.  There is only One genuine reflection at all times,  If something happens and we have a reaction, this is always a sign to be willing to look within and pose the questions “where am I refusing to Love?  Where am I unknowingly refusing to let Love in? 

You might be thinking, “What? how can I have called forth the person who cut me off in traffic, or the negative person at the store?” 

Rest assured, I’m not saying we consciously do this.  What I am saying is that the energetic frequency of that experience of being cut off in traffic, has to be present somewhere in our experience – it could be in another area of life altogether.  But, we can’t call forth experiences without matching that frequency somewhere first.   It is always a call to look within.  A gentle nudge letting us know, there’s something out of alignment here.  It is nothing that should ever bring on guilt, or shame.  Simply a message that balance has shifted.

IMG_1823Energy shielding is a powerful tool to add to our Spiritual tool belt.  (provided there is willingness to accept the ideas in our mind.)  Especially, because energy shielding can help to zero in on our current vibrational frequency and that of others experiencing form.  Energy shielding is a lot like wearing a pair of sunglasses or a winter coat.  It is a tool we can use to strengthen our decision  to align with happiness and joy.

Energy Shielding is spiritually neutral, just the way Spirit is.  Shielding is not good or bad.  When you use a shielding technique, you are not implying that other energies are bad,  You are simply making a decision to keep your energy vibrating as high, pure and clean as possible.  Just as taking a shower or a bath has benefits, so to does energy shielding.   These techniques assist sensitive people to stay living in Love without taking responsibly for the free will choices of others.

Archangel Michael is known as a strong shielding energy.  Michael shields anyone and everyone who requests being supported in this way.  You can say something as simple as:

“Archangel Michael I invite you to surround me with your vibrant strong and protective energy now.  I know that I am safe no matter what appears to be gong on.”

I begin by  holding the intention either as a thought, a feeling or a vision in my mind.  I see myself immersed  in soft loving pink light all around me.  I ask that the allowed to penetrate my entire being.  I follow the pink light with Golden light which is very peaceful and gentle.   Finally, I follow with royal purple light as somewhat of a loving energetic sealer.  The process doesn’t have to take very long, but it is very helpful in setting the intention for self-care.

Crystals are also energetic shields   Crystals are metaphysical energies that strengthen our aura’s and energetic fields.  Black Tourmaline and almost any other black crystal shields from harsh negative energy.  Rose Quartz is the stone connected to Love & Romance and its energy transmutes lower vibrating fearful energy into higher vibrating Loving energy.    Burning sage is another powerful way to release and transmute negative energy as well as lighting candles with the intention of letting go of what doesn’t serve.  These shifts are amazing when we allow them.  Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below!

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How I Received A Message About Loving Myself When I took My Dog To The Vet

The metaphysical Spiritual Text “A Course in Miracles” The course teaches that all fear and suffering comes from investing in a learned identify, a false self that is invested in separation and pain. The truth of what we are actually has no identity with the physical body.

What we are is Love in its purest form. When we aren’t in alignment with that, we experience guilt (whether conscious or unconscious), pain and suffering. Everything we experience can be witnessed through fear which is never the truth, or Love which is always the truth. Everything in our life can be used to strengthen, our awareness of love. Our experiences can also be used to strengthen our investment in the false sense of self. My recent trip to the vet with my dog was a beautiful example of the contrast of the false identity and the stillness, the knowing that comes when we choose to rest in Love.

I have a beautiful dog, She is an absolute blessing in my daily life. She is a wonderful reminded of the present moment and the choice we all have control over. The choice to be happy no matter what appears to be going on. While it is true she doesn’t enjoy bath time, she doesn’t spend any time dwelling on past bathing mishaps, or anticipating future ones. Yes, she doesn’t like having baths (and she has a way of letting me know she disapproves), but when the time comes she accepts it for what it is, .Emily is a teacup Yorkie, full of joy and love. Every year I put money aside to have her teeth cleaned.

My vet has been telling me for the past several years that Yorkshire Terriers as a breed are known to have “bad teeth.” I’ve explored many alternatives over the years as options to care for her teeth. Before I had begun my journey working with angels and studying A Course In Miracles, Emily’s vet visits were a source of massive anxiety for me. Each time she went for her annual cleaning I would worry about the possibility of my sweet dog potentially losing teeth.

In September, Emily turned the earthy age of 8 (though her spirit is always youthful. On March 13th, she had her annual teeth cleaning. I asked the Angels to be with Emily throughout the checkup and cleaning, and I asked for the highest good to be done. I released everything to the care of God & I went about my day more relaxed then any previous appointments. Several hours later I received a call from the vet saying that Emily’s 6 tiny front teeth were diseased, and needed to be removed.

In my mind I immediately went to guilt. “What could I have done to prevent this?” “What could I have done to take better care of Emily?” “What could I have done to make it so she wasn’t facing this situation in the first place?” I even felt myself feeling defensive at some of the vet’s questions.

I’ll be honest, I felt very uncomfortable, and I was very aware of my discomfort since my spiritual practice has granted me so much peace, and a willingness to go with the flow of life in the awareness that my true identity is not what I see “out there” in terms of a body that experiences problems and conflict.

I wasn’t feeling peaceful when the vet called me though. I stayed feeling discomfort for several hours which felt very unusual. I am now much more comfortable aligned with Love, so anything that isn’t peace actually feels intolerable. During the vet experience I felt really guilty.  A Course In Miracles teaches that “Guilt is always insane.” So, I chose to take that insanity and look at it with Spirit.

I know from working the principals of A Course In Miracles that discomfort only comes up to be observed with love. Observing something un-judgementally allows it be released and exchanged for true perception. 

I wasn’t seeing myself with true perception while I was stuck in the guilt and the Self-blame. All I was seeing was the effects of my judgement. Once I was ready to look at my guilt and feel it n all of its ickiness I became open enough to embrace a miracle and be willing to accept a shift in perception.


I talked with Spirit and the Angels about everything I was feeling, my extreme discomfort, my bewilderment that this whole experience was bothering me so much.

I even looked at my frustration with myself for feeling so frustrated (LOL).  

It was then that I received the intuitive message that Emily losing these teeth was an agreement that had already been made on a Soul level, there was never anything I could do to change anything that occurred, and by being willing to authentically look at what was coming forward, I was able to transform the entire experience from one full of fear, to one exploding with Love.  

Once I was able to let go of the guilt, I was able to see and recognize so many other miracles that had occurred around the entire situation. I had been asking Spirit to look after everything for me, and Spirit had done just that, Emily was given tremendous loving care. Her vet bill invoice was printed at 1:11 which in Angel Numerology means “Your thoughts are manifesting, stay positive!”

Miraculously, the vet was inspired to remove several charges from the bill for Emily’s care as a gift. There is no doubt in my mind that God and the Angels were behind the gift of financial savings.

Emily is doing wonderfully, there was no ideal as far as she is concerned, to her, she hadn’t lot anything, and she has no attachment to those teeth whatsoever!
Emily taught me so much about an attachment I was hanging on to, and still placing belief into.  I call her my “Little Angel Dog” and she truly is.  She helped me look at areas where I wasn’t choosing for complete innocence.  What a gift!

 I’d love to hear from you, if this blog resonates with you.  Feel free to share your personal experiences in the comments below!

Love Deedre


Asking For What You Want

There was a time in my life prior to my exposure to A Course In Miracles; when I once believed that being a “good” spiritual person, meant waiting for God to deliver whatever I desired.  I thought my faith was demonstrated by how patiently I waited, how much I prayed, or made sacrifices by placing my needs below those of others. I acted as though God was some mysterious force outside of me, that knew what I wanted without my asking.  I treated God as an entity I looked to for guidance, but I had no idea of my power as a creator.   So years would pass and nothing would change.  I convinced myself I must be doing something wrong (listening to fear).   It wasn’t until I registered in Lisa Natol’s A Course In Miracles  40 Day Transformation program, while I was engaging in one of the homework assignments that it finally hit me.   All that time, I had been WAITING for what I wanted to show up!  I hadn’t actually been specific in ASKING for what I wanted. I hadn’t really ASKED with purpose.  I had only truly manifested anything in my life because the desire for it was much bigger than my fear of not receiving,  Yes. I had co-created desires  before, but never with quite as much purpose, always indirectly without having  clear knowledge about how to tangibly create my reality with Spirit.  I studied the Law Of Attraction, but my belief in myself and my abilities as a creator didn’t match my desires.

Socially, we often pick up these limiting beliefs that it is selfish to ask for what we want.  We buy into those limited fear-based  beliefs encapsulated in the roles we choose to take on, so that we can play small.  True spiritual growth comes from being willing to go to deep places of self examination, and admit to ourselves that we get something out of littleness.  Admit we’re actually afraid to be great.  It is confronting to learn to accept that we are the creators of our own reality,  I can honestly say, there have been days where I have thought “WTF-ever, I didn’t create this!!! I’m not taking responsibility!  Forget that!!”  Yet, every time I really commit to the inner work of truly and deeply looking, I would find, that yes I did create it, or it wouldn’t be my reality  I can choose to stay in littleness and, continue to beat myself up over my creation choices, or I can choose magnitude; ask for the miracle, receive a shift in perception, and awaken as a result of that shift given from Spirit.

I want to share with you a story of how I was guided to the place which I am currently living.  I want to share it, because for me,  it has not only been a powerful example of Divine Intervention, but it is also a practical example illustrating that physical miracles are not metaphorical. they are God’s true gift for all of us.  I am not special.  Everyone is entitled to experience miracles.  This is a right bestowed upon all of us by God.




I had been searching for a new place to live, and each place I looked at,  just didn’t feel right energetically. I had a list of things I knew I wanted to have in my new place,   One night, I sat in meditation and I asked God, my Angels & Guides to help me visualize the new location where I would live.  I saw in my minds eye a brightly lit suite, with beautiful white walls, white appliances, wooden linoleum floors and, a full bathroom with a bathtub.




A few days later while browsing online rental listings, I saw the photos of the place I had seen in my meditation.  I laughed immediately filled with intuitive knowing that this would be my new home.  

When I called the landlady to see about the suite, we had a lovely conversation.  she even remarked that I sounded as if I would be a wonderful tenant.  Next came the part where I mentioned I had a very small dog, one that would fit in a purse I asked if they had a pet policy?  She preceded to tell me that they really didn’t want to have someone with a pet.    As I was listening to her speak, I heard the voice of Spirit in my mind guide me to gently let go of any attachment I had to getting the suite.  So, I thanked her very much for her time, and for considering me, and said goodbye.  I caught myself in a fleeting moment of feeling like I might have lost something wonderful, and immediately remembered my intuitive knowledge that this was to be my new place.  I also remebered the promise I had made with Spirit to let go of attachment.  I didn’t think about the suite again until a week and a half or so later, when the landlady responded to one of my previous emails stating they were going to be having an open house and inviting me to come take a look at the suite.  When I reminded her that I was the woman she had spoken to on the phone – the one with the very small dog –  she exclaimed she was very happy I had responded because she had spoken with her husband, and they were now willing to allow my dog.  They were even willing to accommodate my viewing the suite on a different day than was planned which worked better with my schedule.  

In addition to all of this,  on the same day I had the appointment to view the suite I received all the resources I needed to secure my tenancy there.  When I arrived to view the suite, the landlady informed me more than once that she would have to check the references I provided her.  I encouraged her to do exactly as she needed to do.  I wanted them both tot know I was honest, authentic and upfront.  We continued our walk through as she pointed out potential flaws and “problems” that might cause me to rethink choosing to live there.  

I told her everything looked wonderful, trusting beyond anything I was seeing with my bodies eyes, leaving behind any doubt and trusting my intuitive knowing that this was the next place I would be living.




The landlady told me she would be in touch with me in a few days with her decision.  As I was leaving the driveway, the landlady cane into view waving her arms to stop the car.  She said she no longer wished to check my references, and if I wanted the suite, it was mine to take!  “This is God!”  I thought.  Observing the synchronicity as everything unfolded – I was reminded of what my beautiful friend Lisa Natoli teaches “God is never late, and when something is truly meant to be yours there is nothing that can stand in the way of it coming to fruition.”.  The move I practice co-creating  with God, the more I learn the importance of asking.   Being specific about the desire.  Knowing what you want, and being unapologetic in asking for it.  Letting go of all attachment  and completely trusting that everything will come – even if that means the desire comes in a different way than the images or ideas preconceived in your mind.  Being willing to accept whatever happens, and being open to receive what comes, because it will come.  When you place an order, God always delivers with perfect timing!

Love, Deedre xo


You Are Beautiful

I haven’t blogged in a long while.  I’m the type of person that needs to feel very passionate and moved to speak before I will venture out and say anything.  I haven’t felt called to blog in recent months, not because there isn’t a plethora of topics to write about, rather, I’m always thinking about content – something that might hold some meaning, or speak to the heart.

We humans are very critical of our earthly costumes.  When I say costume, I mean our physical bodies.  The container that is the wrapper of our Soul.  This physical body container is not who we really are, yet the human condition of the world we “see” with the body’s physical eyes creates the illusion that the physical body is our identity.


If you are reading this right now, I want to share with you that you ARE beautiful.  Exactly as you are, right NOW!  You are beautiful and perfect, BECAUSE of your  essence.  You do not need to “fix,” “force” or “be happy when…” you make some external change  to the the physical body container.  (Diet, exercise, clothing, cosmetics, acquiring all the right “worldly possessions,” or even “earning a certain income”, or having a certain “specific goal.” Beauty has no gender, no “ideal” shape or size.  Beauty isn’t measured by standards or rules of conformity. The latter, are all ego concepts based on separation.   True beauty is the Divine Light that shines brightly within everyone.  It is knowing that you are not your past or your future.  It is knowing that LOVE is who you are, and LOVE is what you extend forward while having a physical experience here in the world.

Beauty is not something to achieve. outside, because we already have it within.  Often we’ve just covered our light with a muddy film – because we’ve forgotten who we are.  We unconsciously choose to “see”/create flaws, that are illusion.  In truth, there is only perfection. This is something I continue to accept.

Your worth is established by God.  NOTHING can change this.”

-A Course In Miracles

While there’s nothing “wrong” with diets and self-improvement techniques of various kinds, the root of true beauty & self esteem comes from learning to accept yourself exactly as you are in the NOW.

Like Lady Gaga’s fabulous song “Born This Way,” demonstrates:

“I’m beautiful in my way
‘Cause God makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way
Don’t hide yourself in regret
Just love yourself and you’re set
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way.”

Love, Deedre

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A Valentine’s Day Miracle

Recently, I have been calling in a romantic soul-mate partner.  I’ve been single for quite some time, and still single presently.   In my “old life”,  I’d managed to convince myself that  a romantic partner  just wasn’t in the cards for me.  I know, depressing right?  I’d even convinced myself I didn’t want to fall in love, I’d never date, let alone get married – I was better off alone.  Who would want me anyway?  That used to be me.   A giant brick wall block to allowing romantic love in.  I’m baring my soul here, as I’m sure many of us have been there, I know I’m not alone in that department.  If you wonder where I’m getting my courage?  I’ll tell you. straight up.  GOD.

I’ve undergone such a spiritual transformation through working with the angels, and studying A Course In Miracles – the more I love myself, and the more I give in the spirit of service – the more I know that a great love IS in the cards for me.  Not because I am looking to get something from someone, but because great love is what I AM.  All I need to do is express the love that I AM,  trust, and have faith in divine timing.


My angel’s assure me. not only is this going to happen, but it will be better than I could have ever dreamed, because God is in charge of all the details.   God and I co-create a marriage of equals;  whose lives will be enriched by partnership   God will provide for me the perfect spiritual partner with whom I can be myself  in all ways and who will share in spiritual teaching and learning with me.  God will give US the courage, and the strength to work on our commitment together, and see where the process leads us.  My perception of romantic love shifted completely.  My partner and I will learn and grow from each other, be goofy, silly and fun, share common goals in teaching work, and have long in-depth spiritual conversations, centered  in GOD.  Lets not forge lots of romance, fun experiences, traveling, music, movies, hand holding, kisses and great, great sex!   LOL

Let’s be real, we all want that in some sense,  and it is nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about. but the spiritual bond is the foundation for all of that.  My partner and I will also have the freedom to be independent of each other, to embrace contrasting experiences, like different things, and have alone time apart.   I want it all.  I am awesome, so is he, and WE deserve it!!

So do YOU!

In my “old life”  I can now see that I was looking for someone to “fill me up”  to “fix” what I believed was broken about me.  Of course, we never do this intentionally, but it’s pretty much the classic set up for a relationship that’s not going to work,  Why?  Because for years, I didn’t love myself – and I was looking for someone else to validate me.  I thought that being half of a couple would somehow give me the recognition that I was worthy of love.  I was so desperate for someone to love me, I was willing to take on a persona, try to be someone else, so the person would become attracted to me.   I used to believe I was ugly, and if I found a man who thought I was beautiful, them I’d feel fulfilled.  What a mess!  If I don’t KNOW I’m beautiful, how the heck is anyone else going to???

You aren’t broken, you don’t need to be fixed, and if you are looking to someone else to make you feel happy – you will lose yourself in the process.

As you see him, you will see yourself … for in him you will find yourself or lose yourself

~A Course In Miracles

What a recipe for disaster!  I’m so glad THAT is GONE LOL

Now, I’m just excited.  I can’t wait to see what unfolds,  I don’t have all the answers, but I’m enjoying whatever they may turn out to be, I have a lot of love to give, and   my heart is open.

Bring it on!

And so it is.

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Never Underestimate Your Unique Impact


A Few weeks ago I had some beautiful friends, Julia & Kianna come to visit me.  In that time loving forces brought us the gift of a unique experience  that began with a trp to the post office.  My friend offered to drop off a package for me which was a great help since at this moment I’m currently not driving a car.  I googled tha address to the postal outlet and wrote the address on a slip of paper.  Off my friend went, saying she would be back after she made an extra stop at the grocery store to pick up some food.  While she was away, her daughter and I began preparation for dinner.

 More and more time passed  until my friend had been gone well over an hour and a half.  My intuition told be she had taken a detour and lost her way.  I sent her a text message and she confirmed my intuition was on target.  A few seconds later my phone rings. I hear a man’s voice introducing himself, and my friends laughter like music to the background of our introduction

“Hi Deedre, my name is David Boulder I’m here with your friend who has taken a wrong turn and she’s been telling me what n amazing person you are.”

David continued to tell me he worked at Strathcona lodge,  He explained that my friend had told him a little about the physical disability and he was instantly passionate about my friends & I joining him on a forest tour to see a waterfall.  What David doesn’t know, is that I have been spending time in nature all summer as a result of loving guidance from my angels.  So, when I was introduced to David, and the opportunity to see the waterfall presented itself, I knew this was a journey the angels had creates for all of us .  I embraced the opportunity with open arms not knowing what would come of it but knowing that my intuition was leading the way.


The following afternoon my friends and I began our journey into the forest.  The drive out to the lodge was interesting.  Road signs were not clearly marked, since the trip was a bit of a distance from my home, and because this adventure started with misunderstood directions, I asked the angels to help guide us to our destination.  When we met up with David he warmly introduced himself with a smile.  He asked if I was prepared for what was to come, and I said “absolutely!”

He smiled as if acknowledging I was unaware what I had agreed to – and he was right, I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but I had already decided to trust in the experience as much as I possibly could.

I’ve always shared with anyone who shared an interest to know that the physical trappings of living with Cerebral Palsy looks far worse n terms of outward appearance than it actually feels to live with it.  This has always been my truth.

In my heart I have never felt like the projection of my body is the real me.

 This makes sense, because in spiritual truth no one is defined by the body  At times I have really struggled with how I have felt the eyes of the world see me especially because the way things look with me is not the real me.  Many moments in my life I was seeking acceptance from the outside world never feeling as though I belonged.  I bring this up because it relates to our journey into the forest.  In addition to physical challenges appearing very difficult for me to someone on the outside looking in.  I move differently expend more energy, and it takes me more time to accomplish physical tasks than the average person.


On the day during our walk through the forest, I was using my walker to navigate my way.  David and my friends were extremely compassionate, helping me over difficult parts of the trails with large roots, tree stumps, steep train and other obstacles.  This involved a great deal of patience and a willingness on their part to go as slowly as I needed, and take as many rest breaks as I required.

 This sounds like an easy task, but our world has conditioned us to be “fast”, to get things done, to want things instantly.  The physical experience of my body has been one of patience.

I do have to take my time, but as I have said, have always felt it looks worse than it is.  I’m not in pain, and I can take breaks or sometimes do things a bit differently,

My friends and I took the time to talk about the beauty of nature   David taught us about the history of the area, tips on how to survive  if lost in the wilderness.  We even started a fire using some pitch.  After about 2 hours we reached the waterfall.  The beauty of it was stunning to me.  I sat on a nearby bench, closed my eyes, and absorbed the peaceful sound of the water crashing down its slop.  I silently thanked the angels for guiding me here,  I heard the smile in David’s voice, as he advised me to take my time and enjoy what he called  my version of Mount Everest. I felt deeply connected to spirit, and profoundly grateful.

Later that weekend, my friend Julia shared with me that our journey through the woods was a kind of awakening for her.  She shared that the experience taught her that human beings with our perceived frailties take things for granted, and that the experience of witnessing me during our walk taught her the importance of letting people be who they are in every sense of the word.  Allowing people to go at their own pace I’n every facet of life whether it be personal or professional, assisting them only in those times when support is accepted unconditionally.  Julia said the experience was profound for her, with subtle lessons she would apply to her business.  As we went on this walk, I had not been thinking at all about my influence – I was simply focused in the moment enjoying the journey.  

I think many of us simply move through our lives without realizing the wonderful impact we can all have on other souls, and the planet just by existing,  We are all unique creatures with gifts to offer each other, yet the ego will  be so quick to have us undervalue those gifts.  I think we all need constant reminders to never underestimate our impact, Each of us are blessings to each other.


You Are Not Your Body

A few weeks ago I had a moment where I felt as though I was being judged.  An exchange occurred, and a comment was made in passing in reference to something physical about me.  The actual comment are not relevant, but I felt called to blog about this because so many of us can  feel judged by others, judged by something outside of ourselves, even judged by God.

Judgement is always an illusion of fear, to keep us stuck, to hold us back, to keep us playing small.

The experience prompted me to do some soul-searching and investigate why I felt judged.  First.I allowed myself to react to my feelings, and my perception of the “judgement” Then I went to the text of “A Course In Miracles. next, the teachings of Abraham Hicks, and I  asked the angels for guidece,  What I received  was a knowing that in truth there is no judgement.  Judgement is not real.  This was hard for me to accept at first, because for me, when I felt as though my physical body was being judged that felt very vividly painful/  I felt as though the comment was cutting straight to the core of every flaw I’d ever felt about my body.  It brought up feelings that I wasn’t good enough, that these apparent flaws implied there was something wrong with me.  I felt instantly unattractive, my spirit sunk as I began to wonder if people really saw me as something that needed to be fixed as  I felt these comment suggested.

Was I really something that just needed to be fixed?

Make no mistake, the person involved had no malicious intent, in fact, I’m sure they felt their comment was harmless. People are often completely unaware of the power their words can have when they speak.   In the moment though,  this comment brought up every feeling I’ve ever had about my body, being viewed by other people as different, unattractive, and unlovable.  It wasn’t even the words spoken, it was the implication that because something looked “abnormal” there was something wrong with me that needed improvement.  I didn’t like been seen like this, because it didn’t feel accurate at all

The angels let me know that when we feel judged by others, this is a sign that something doesn’t match up with our true selves, our spiritual essence, our truth.    This is why we feel pain, because our true self our higher self only  celebrates what is loving and wonderful about us.  There are no real “flaws” nothing that needs to be “fixed.”  When we feel judged by others, we know something s off.  we are also judging ourselves.  It’s a sign we are placing too much weight on the opinions of other people and not giving ourselves enough self-love.

This took the focus completely away from the comments that initially pushed forward my feelings,  It brought the focus away from anything external including the other personality.    It  brought things right back to center –  back within.  The only person who has power over my feelings is me.  I can choose to let one person’s perception of my physical body bother me, or I can choose the truth I know.

 I have chosen come into a body that deals with some challenges to learn important lessons spiritually;   I know it looks a heck of a lot worse to an outside bystander than it actually feels for me..  I am so much more than my body, and deep down I love the person that I am,  I try on a daily basis not to focus on my illusion of “flaws.”  It isn’t always easy, that is the journey.  I try to focus on being the best person I can be.  I make the choice to be of service to others and to the world.

I consider it a personal mission to help people feel connected to the loving essence present in everything.  Once we are aware of this love and it’s power, we become acquainted with how wonderful we really are.  Potential becomes  limitless, and miracles occur everywhere.  This is why working with angels is my calling.

Not long after this experience where I felt judged, I was at the health food store getting groceries I met a lady there who kindly helped me pack my buggy,  She asked me during the course of our conversation, what physical condition I was dealing with.  When I told her Cerebral Palsy, she was visibly shocked, and went on to explain that fro her perspective a person could not tell it was so mild which is why she asked.

I knew this was the angels way of showing me an example of how the same thing cam be perceived differently.  One experience was completely out of alignment with the truth of who I am, which is why I felt the pain of illusion judgement.

Lesson 31 in A Course In Miracles says:

I am not the victim of the world I see.”

We are certainly not, since we create our own reality.  These two closely linked incidents were powerful teachers that I wanted to share.  May they shed light for all of you who read this.

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A Shift In Perception About “Judgement.”

Mother Teresa was once quoted as saying “If you judge people, you have no room to love them.’  This is a beautiful statement rooted in spiritual truth.  My experiences in my own life, and in sharing of the experiences of others have shed light on some insight linked to Mother Teresa’s words.  People get quite hung up on the idea of judgement.  The ego is crafty.  Most of us recognize when we have made a perceived judgement of ourselves or someone else.  Where we become trapped; is on the fact that we make judgements in the first place.  The ego loves to use our judgements as a means to induce guilt and pain.

A Course In Miracles teaches that it is human nature to make  judgements,and that we needn’t concern  ourselves in our experiences with “stopping” or punishing our judgements.  The course goes on to state that indeed we will continue to judge, we simply have none that we will keep.

“The necessary condition for the holy instant does not require that you have no thoughts that are not pure. But it does require that you have none that you would keep.”

– A Course In Miracles

A miracle, then, from A Course In Miracles perspective is a shift in perception from fear to love.  Rather than beat ourselves up for the egos judgements, we can always choose love and acceptance over fear.  This is the beauty in Mother Teresa’s statement.  When the gentle miracle occurs, and we allow love to enter shifting our perception, fear no longer is the dominant voice.  Love enters.  The Miracle manifests, and illusion, fear and judgement are exchanged for contentment.

A few days ago, I was in a situation where I received a text message from someone I had never met before.  The body of the message was aggressively phrased.  My ego immediately went to work judging the message, and the person who had sent it.  I observed myself having the desire to change the way this individual was speaking, to “correct” them and “show” them the “right way to respond in the situation at hand.  Instead of judging my ego’s reaction, and making myself feel worse about my initial response, I was able to recognize within this exchange that my ego was simply reacting first.  I could choose love instead.  I asked for guidance from my angels, and the answer I received was that I didn’t need to change anything to view the situation as it happened, with a loving mindset.  In other words, let the exchange be what it was.  Accept it without trying to change or influence it.

Seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world.”

– A Course In Miracles

In allowing our encounter to be, and accepting our viewpoints in their unique forms of expression, I was being encouraged to shift my perception from “right” versus “wrong” to simply two equally valid viewpoints as viewed from two uniquely vivid energies.

The angels also lovingly encouraged me to release my irritation with the other person.  They lovingly assured me that letting go of my anger didn’t suggest that my feelings about the situation weren’t justified.

“Releasing anger doesn’t equate to condoning behavior that isn’t warranted, it simply means being willing to let go of that which is hurting you (your anger), in exchange for what will bring you happiness and peace.”

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The Art Of Surrender

Surrender and release have been an area of great challenge and development for me. As I continue to work with the angels – I am learning more and more that this is an area many of us struggle with. The idea of trying to “go out there and make things happen” is so common in the world today. As I really examine my life and past decisions I made I realize that I liked to feel in control. Always in pursuit of the elusive “Next thing.”

I’ll be happy when I have that good grade or job,” I’ll be happy when I make more money. I’ll be happy when so and so reacts this way or that way in response to me. I’ll feel loved when Fill in the blank.

Before I began my work with angels and my study of “A Course In Miracles.” I really had no concept of this idea that in this world of form, we’re living amid this concept of the split mind. The ego, the voice of fear identifies us as a body that is separate from spirit, love, truth, divinity, the part of us that is eternally love.

I came to a place I realized I had been spending most of my existence feeling bad about the past, blaming myself for things I couldn’t change (things that ultimately were blessings and learning opportunities that got me to the place I am in today). If I wasn’t feeling bad about the past, I was obsessively worried about the future. What would happen next? what did things mean? What if I made another huge mistake? Where was the next money going to come from? Worry worry worry. The fear was so big, I couldn’t focus on anything else. I was either stuck in the past, depressed and miserable, or trapped in an endless cycle thinking no matter what my goal was – I would somehow mess it up. I wanted to plan out as much as I could, because in my planning – I thought was my influence over the outcome. My grip on the future so tight, there was no joy to the process or the journey at all. I was never at peace.

Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety.”

– A Course In Miracles.

Learning to let go has been one of my most challenging lessons. Often my ego likes to manipulate me into believing that holding some influence or control over outcomes gives me freedom and power in my life. The opposite is true. The more relaxed and detached I can remain in any situation, the more I trust that something much larger than me, my angels, divine energy is not only working on my behalf, but knows my true desires even better than do. The more at peace I am.  The beauty is, I can have absolutely no idea what will happen in a given situation, and still feel at peace because I can choose to trust.

Surrender and release is a daily practice. I can tell you with absolute certainty I haven’t achieved perfection with it. which isn’t the underlying message of surrender. It isn’t like you suddenly wake up knowing how to let go. For me it has been about learning to trust the spirit within, learning  NOT  to push aside fear when it comes up. Rather than looking at my fears as a weakness, choosing to embrace each experience of it – including the discomfort. Channeling that fear into prayer for the highest good has helped me find peace in many situations This has allowed me to release my preconceived ideas of what I think it is I need or want – and accept that spirit always has a brilliant plan for me.

The angels lovingly say surrender & release does not mean “giving up” on dreams or desires. It simply means allowing ourselves to let go of the struggle and pain, knowing that with faith and trust the most favorable outcome will come through and present itself.

As long as I have the willingness to trust, I can relax into any situation – even those that have results which are the opposite of what I thought I wanted.  I have the power to transform even a “crappy” situation into a blessing.  The only factor that can change is the openness with which I am willing to tap into that power.  Some days I am willing, other days, I am not.  How about you?

There is always a blessing in every situation – even if it takes time to recognize the blessing it’s there, waiting  to meet with willingness to receive it.