About Deedre

Deedre  As a child, people who knew me well would often remark about how happy I was, about everything.  I was everything a person would associate with what is appropriate for a child to be.  Innocent, enchanted, and carefree. I had entered the world as we know it bringing with me the challenges and lessons that come with living with a physical disability, labelled Cerebral Palsy, and yet at the same time, never considered myself “disabled”,  I was simply me. Making the most out of everything life had to offer.   Somewhere along the way, I lost that carefree sense of myself.  Emerging into my young adolescence, and into adulthood life experiences, caused me to become a shadow of my true self; Introverted, self – conscience, filled with constant anxiety (about everything), over analytical, judgmental, and deeply and profoundly unhappy.

  For as long as I can remember, I have had a fervent desire to be of service to the world, to add light, to be a part of something greater than myself, to contribute in meaningful ways. I longed to fit in, to feel loved, to feel approved of, and to know I was making a difference.  Intuitively. I know, this is my true purpose.

  As my life progressed I tried on many hats seeking that fulfillment only union with my authentic life purpose would bring to me. I’ve always known I was acutely sensitive and very intuitive and that my natural talents revealed themselves in utilizing my intuition. I have always been magnetically connected to angels but after my childhood years, I chose to turn away from my gifts out of a desire to “blend in” in the world to simply belong.

  In 2006, I graduated from The University Of Victoria with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre.  I have always been a creative and artistic person, and enjoyed my time in theatre school immensely, but something was missing.  I was looking for approval outside of myself – hoping that the credentials of theatre school would give me the acceptance, love  and approval I was seeking. I graduated with excellent grades but was unable to secure long-term employment.I went on to experience a long period of self-doubt, self-loathing and financial strain,  My long-term history with anxiety issues reached an unprecedented level.

By this time, I had entered web-development training loving the creative process and the design focused aspects of the program, but struggling with the development and coding portions of my training, My heightened anxiety convinced me I had earned myself another “failure,” my self-depreciation created a manifestation of physical illness. A diagnosis labeled a form of anxiety disorder kept me locked in fear. My relationships both personally and professionally were suffering.service

  I needed help. I knew the person I had become wasn’t authentic. This wasn’t the woman who had always believed in making a difference, serving the world in a positive way. I sat on my couch one day feeling empty. Tears streaming down my face. Fear had blocked my ability to recognize my worth.   Spirit answered urging me to believe in miracles. In truth, “anxiety disorder” is simply a label. One, that created even more fear.   I didn’t understand my sensitivity, or how to process it. But there was certainly nothing “wrong” with me.” There never was.  I was being shown a loving way – a truthful way that I could share with anyone seeking a better life for themselves

  I was assured; even if I didn’t believe, I was being guided toward change that would give me genuine healing and true inner peace. If I followed my guidance, I would learn to love myself and be lead to a career where I could truly touch lives – to uplift, to inspire, to both learn, and teach, to use my unique gifts and essence to offer hope and healing to others.

  I literally asked for a miracle every step of the way, and was guided to make healthy changes,and to the training to strengthen my intuitive gifts.  I’ve heard people talk about their darkest times being their greatest blessing.  I am a living example of this truth.

  Today, my life has been miraculously transformed with the help of spirit.  I have a thriving coaching business, that is truly in alignment with my life’s mission, and I continue to be transformed from the inside out.  Part of my mission is to share my continuing journey with you.

  The beauty is, that I can now use the learning experiences I gained from my darkest moments, coupled with my intuition, and the loving assistance of the angels and guides, to help others move through that darkness into the light.  If you have the desire to learn to love yourself, willingness to embark on a trans-formative, collaborative, process to create subtle, miraculous shifts, I invite you to Click Here to Connect With Me