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The intention behind the journey of this class is to really provide a tangible experience of working with intuition.  Intuition is our natural inner voice and inner teacher.  It is a natural presence that is bestowed to as all by God. As an Angel intuitive and Coach, I often hear people say, “I can’t tell when I am actually hearing the voice of my inner-guide, or if I am listening to fear.”  In this class, together we are actually going to step out of the comfort zone for 8 weeks.  We are going to apply, simple, easy  intuition exercises, guided by God and  the angels to support  and invoke our inner-guidance system in our daily lives.

I feel very called to offer this class as a way to uplift and empower,  All the strength you need is already within you.  Intuition is not just  “wishful thinking” or “making things up.”  It’s a 100% genuine loving, accurate voice you already have, that can assist you, and carry you through anything.  When I first began tapping into this intuitive ability we all share, I was deeply afraid of it.  I was constantly afraid of “making a mistake”, I worried about starting an intuitive coaching practice and being “responsible” for things that “might” happen.   I encountered many fear based thought patterns about my intuition.  Eventually I had to make a decision.  Was I going to keep doubting, or embrace my fear and move though it?  I chose to dive in!  That is what this class is designed to do also!  You will feel the  value of sharing and building personal experience with your intuition!

Whether you want to empower your daily life by accessing your intuitive voice, or launch your own Angelic Mediumship practice, this class will support you in trusting your inner wisdom from crystal basics to Oracle Card Readings, we will be using these beautiful tools, listening with our hearts, and reaching far beyond guidebooks and instructions to trust our inner voice!  Tele-class  Topics will include:

Week 1
What is Intuition?
Working With Angels
How do I know if I am hearing my inner voice or not?
Intuition Exercise
Week 2
Developing Trust Of Your Intuition
Willingness to move out of your comfort zone
Intuition Exercise
Week 3
Why work with Crystals?
Crystal Introduction
Week 4
Choosing Crystals
Week 5
Crystal Grids
Week 6
Why work with Tarot & Oracle Cards?
An Introduction
Week 7
Leaving Our Comfort Zone
Going beyond the guidebook and giving heart centered readings
Week 8
Partnered Readings
Group Sharing
Q & A

The class will also include a 1 hour Angel Coaching session for each participant (valued at $222) as well as a personalized gift for your “intuitive toolkit” The cost for the 8 week class is $444.00 and includes the one hour session and gift package.  !0% of all earnings will be tithed to The Teachers Of God Foundation, a Non-profit organization dedicated  to living the principals of A Course in Miracles Payment can be made in full or can be done via a payment plan.

If you feel called to be a part of the Tele-class, and funding is an issue, please contact me directly about a love offering payment option.  No one will be turned away.  Week 1 will start on March 12, 2016 at 6pm-7:30pm PST 9-10:30 EST  Participants will be able to keep class recordings forever!  I’m so excited you found this page, and truly look forward to sharing this journey with you!

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