Deedre gave me some private information which was totally accurate, then she realized I was having some financial challenges. She gave me some affirmations and meditations to relieve that situation, and the very next day I received a call which totally reversed the situation. As I am very sensitive to other people’s energies and I work with people with addiction issues, I also have been doing some more protective work with Archangel Michael which Deedre guided me through, and it works wonders.Thank you Deedre – you are indeed an angel yourself!”

Maggie Gold, Vancouver


Deedre is extremely intuitive and authentic in her readings,sensitive and gentle in her transmission, yet powerful in her delivery. She does amazing work on behalf of angels.”

– Monica, Los Angeles



The first thing I noticed of in the session Deedre gave me was her calm presence and her ability to listen deeply. She read with clarity & Divine Purpose. The information coming from the Angels & Divine-Love Beings resonated my personal truth and gave me much to reflect on, as I listened and took notes.  She has a gentle and caring nature and is a giving soul. She’s found her purpose: to help others in profound ways.”

Susan Turner, CHT & Heart Resonance Trainer/Master Advanced Practitioner, Surrey


Deedre is a gentle, compassionate and gifted Angel Counsellor / Coach. Deedre and I have never met or spoken before this call, we did notexchange any information, other than that I was calling about my business and what might be the nextstep for me.

The Angel guidance that came through for me was extremely accurate as I am in a transition phase, moving from one phase of my journey to another. This you might say is not so surprising? What was surprising was the information about this transition from accounting work to writer and spiritual teacher.

The Angels gave me guidance as to how to begin the transition and expect that might it occur sooner than I think. They also assured me that I am taken care of and will always be taken care of, just ask, and they will provide.

I am ever so grateful for this meeting and the gifts bestowed upon me by the Angels through Deedre’s gift of channeling their energy.”

Jackie Kania , Langley BC

Deedre was recommended by a trusted friend and she did not disappoint. l really enjoyed our session. Deedre has a wonderful energy and was able to tap into my angels and guides easily. I loved her approach, which was gentle yet confident. I got very accurate, personal and detailed answers to all my questions and resonated well to the suggestions offered. It has now been a few weeks and I have followed several of them with good results. A few things they said could only have come from a connection to my own energies. All in all I was very happy with the session and am looking forward to having another. Thanks, Deedre, for providing such a valuable service!”

Sharon T. Vancouver

I feel so blessed to have gotten the chance to work with Deedre. Our session was full of love and light from the moment we began until the moment we ended. I received accurate and EXTREMELY helpful guidance from the angels and from Deedre! Deedre did not hesitate to answer any question I had and actually extended our session so we could talk. She truly wants to help in any way she can and I am so happy I found her!

Carly. Pennsylvania