Love Yourself First

We’ve all heard the buzz word Self-Love, but here we explore together what
self-love actually means.  All too often, people misinterpret self-love with being
selfish.  We misinterpret spiritual service to mean that we must serve others before
ourselves.  We get so caught up in our perceptions and expectations of the world
around us that we forget to be gentle with ourselves, and we look to external
circumstances to fill up the emptiness, when in truth the true enlightenment
of everything we are seeking lies within each of us.

What is Covered

  • Revealing the root cause of fear that resists our allowance of self-love
  • Learn and explore why Self-Love is a necessity not a luxury
  • Learn the power behind serving yourself first and how
    Self-Love is actually a selfless act of service to everyone
    around you



Authenticity & Simplicity 

Do you feel overwhelmed by details?  Do you feel defined by the archetype roles
you have chosen to take on?  Are you confused about your direction?  Are you
unsure of what your heart truly desires? Perhaps you feel that something is
missing, but you aren’t sure what?  Maybe you feel trapped by your current
circumstances  and you can’t distinguish between your intuitive voice and
the expectations of others? Learn to be authentically you and to share your
unique essence with the world.

What is covered:

  • Learn ways to distinguish your intuitive voice from the voice of others
  • Learn step by step exercises that will help you set intentions and clarify
    desires that are in alignment with your true spirit
  • Learn to build trust in your authentic self and make choices following
    your truth rather than guilt and obligation
  • Learn how to begin to feel comfortable embracing your unique spiritual
    and physical beauty
  • Learn to follow intuitive guidance to discover what fills your spirit and
    avoid comparing yourself to others.
  • Learn practical ways to eliminate things from your life that are no
    longer serving you




Brilliant Light

Become set on the path toward a career that fills your soul, and brings you  purpose.  Become open to creative possibilities that allow you to engage in work that brings you genuine joy and happiness, security and excitement.  Our divine purpose involves work that leaves us feeling worthy, fulfilled and in genuine service to ourselves and others.

What is Covered:

  • Releasing the blocks that hold you back and keep you playing small.
  • Unleashing the power of your individual greatness


Strengthening Your Connection To The Angels

You may not believe in the existence of angels , but no matter who you are, you have angels around you just waiting for the opportunity to intervene on your behalf and assist you to lead the miraculous life that is your destiny.  Angels, archangels, guardian angels and ascended masters can not intervene in our lives without our explicit invitation.  The angels burning desire is to  help us with everything big and small – as they know our greatest mission is to stay in the steady stream of our bliss.

What is covered

  • Learn about the Archangels & Angels, Angel Affirmations
  • Invoke the angels into your life and learn
    to deeply communicate with them

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