Self Love

Self Love


This class was guided by the Angels while in  I sat in meditation.  Asking the question, what is it every Soul on the planet could truly benefit from?  The answer unmistakably clear, acceptance of Self Love around the globe.  I was to offer this 8 week class on the vital importance of Self-Love.  I am humbled and honored to be offering it.  “The Angel’s & Self Love” is an exploration meant to shed light and strengthen our connection to the Truth.  The Angel’s say if we genuinely knew and could comprehend how beautiful we truly are, we would feel nothing but Love.  Any form of suffering would be absolutely incomprehensible!

Week 1

What Is Prosperity?
How Can The Angels Support The Choice For Prosperity?

Week 2

Prosperity Is Already Ours
Love & Prosperity

Week 3

Prosperity & Meditation
Prosperity & Crystals

Week 5

Gratitude & Service Invite Prosperity
Giving & Receiving

Week 6

Worth Is Established By God

The class will begin on Wed January 14th 6pm PST/9PM EST  Each class will be recorded for participants to keep!  In addition, anyone who takes part in the class will receive a 30 minute personal Angel Session with me.  ($100 value.)  The cost of this 8 week class is $400 per person.  10% of all seats will be tithed to The Teachers Of God Foundation.  A Non Profit Organization dedicated to teaching & living the principles of A Course In Miracles.  This class is intended to be of the highest Spiritual service, there will also be a Financial Love Offering option as payment. No one will be turned away. Feel free to Contact Me for more details about the Love Offering option!

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