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Never Underestimate Your Unique Impact


A Few weeks ago I had some beautiful friends, Julia & Kianna come to visit me.  In that time loving forces brought us the gift of a unique experience  that began with a trp to the post office.  My friend offered to drop off a package for me which was a great help since at this moment I’m currently not driving a car.  I googled tha address to the postal outlet and wrote the address on a slip of paper.  Off my friend went, saying she would be back after she made an extra stop at the grocery store to pick up some food.  While she was away, her daughter and I began preparation for dinner.

 More and more time passed  until my friend had been gone well over an hour and a half.  My intuition told be she had taken a detour and lost her way.  I sent her a text message and she confirmed my intuition was on target.  A few seconds later my phone rings. I hear a man’s voice introducing himself, and my friends laughter like music to the background of our introduction

“Hi Deedre, my name is David Boulder I’m here with your friend who has taken a wrong turn and she’s been telling me what n amazing person you are.”

David continued to tell me he worked at Strathcona lodge,  He explained that my friend had told him a little about the physical disability and he was instantly passionate about my friends & I joining him on a forest tour to see a waterfall.  What David doesn’t know, is that I have been spending time in nature all summer as a result of loving guidance from my angels.  So, when I was introduced to David, and the opportunity to see the waterfall presented itself, I knew this was a journey the angels had creates for all of us .  I embraced the opportunity with open arms not knowing what would come of it but knowing that my intuition was leading the way.


The following afternoon my friends and I began our journey into the forest.  The drive out to the lodge was interesting.  Road signs were not clearly marked, since the trip was a bit of a distance from my home, and because this adventure started with misunderstood directions, I asked the angels to help guide us to our destination.  When we met up with David he warmly introduced himself with a smile.  He asked if I was prepared for what was to come, and I said “absolutely!”

He smiled as if acknowledging I was unaware what I had agreed to – and he was right, I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but I had already decided to trust in the experience as much as I possibly could.

I’ve always shared with anyone who shared an interest to know that the physical trappings of living with Cerebral Palsy looks far worse n terms of outward appearance than it actually feels to live with it.  This has always been my truth.

In my heart I have never felt like the projection of my body is the real me.

 This makes sense, because in spiritual truth no one is defined by the body  At times I have really struggled with how I have felt the eyes of the world see me especially because the way things look with me is not the real me.  Many moments in my life I was seeking acceptance from the outside world never feeling as though I belonged.  I bring this up because it relates to our journey into the forest.  In addition to physical challenges appearing very difficult for me to someone on the outside looking in.  I move differently expend more energy, and it takes me more time to accomplish physical tasks than the average person.


On the day during our walk through the forest, I was using my walker to navigate my way.  David and my friends were extremely compassionate, helping me over difficult parts of the trails with large roots, tree stumps, steep train and other obstacles.  This involved a great deal of patience and a willingness on their part to go as slowly as I needed, and take as many rest breaks as I required.

 This sounds like an easy task, but our world has conditioned us to be “fast”, to get things done, to want things instantly.  The physical experience of my body has been one of patience.

I do have to take my time, but as I have said, have always felt it looks worse than it is.  I’m not in pain, and I can take breaks or sometimes do things a bit differently,

My friends and I took the time to talk about the beauty of nature   David taught us about the history of the area, tips on how to survive  if lost in the wilderness.  We even started a fire using some pitch.  After about 2 hours we reached the waterfall.  The beauty of it was stunning to me.  I sat on a nearby bench, closed my eyes, and absorbed the peaceful sound of the water crashing down its slop.  I silently thanked the angels for guiding me here,  I heard the smile in David’s voice, as he advised me to take my time and enjoy what he called  my version of Mount Everest. I felt deeply connected to spirit, and profoundly grateful.

Later that weekend, my friend Julia shared with me that our journey through the woods was a kind of awakening for her.  She shared that the experience taught her that human beings with our perceived frailties take things for granted, and that the experience of witnessing me during our walk taught her the importance of letting people be who they are in every sense of the word.  Allowing people to go at their own pace I’n every facet of life whether it be personal or professional, assisting them only in those times when support is accepted unconditionally.  Julia said the experience was profound for her, with subtle lessons she would apply to her business.  As we went on this walk, I had not been thinking at all about my influence – I was simply focused in the moment enjoying the journey.  

I think many of us simply move through our lives without realizing the wonderful impact we can all have on other souls, and the planet just by existing,  We are all unique creatures with gifts to offer each other, yet the ego will  be so quick to have us undervalue those gifts.  I think we all need constant reminders to never underestimate our impact, Each of us are blessings to each other.